Janice Dilg is a Builder

Janice once worked as a cabinetmaker, crafting furniture that was built to last — a skill that informs her work today. It’s a similar ability she employs as a historian — to gather separate pieces, fit them together, and build them into a cohesive whole. History for Janice is alive, it breathes. It fills the cracks and foundations of our lives and our communities. Working with Janice will open your eyes to a new kind of history. Whether it’s for your organization, a public installation, a commemoration, or other monumental effort, Janice will produce a vibrant, captivating, and hand-crafted product. Her methods are comprehensive. Starting with a clear understanding of her clients’ needs, Janice will conduct comprehensive research until the full story is revealed.

Then, using her extensive historical knowledge and experience she will craft a professional and engaging product that brings your history to life. She shines light on and gives voice to the organizations, institutions, and individuals who have shaped history. For Janice, it is about unearthing our collective treasures and bringing them to life with new perspectives and building them into a more expansive, bold story of us.